Easy WP is a blog which specialises in helping beginners build their blog or website. Easy WP provides Easy WordPress tutorials. We at Easy WP make sure that you guys build your website without any coding knowledge and get it all running in minutes.

At EasyWP.tech we post suggestions and tutorials that are mostly faced by people who build their blogs and websites with WordPress. We learn through our own experience and welcome public to raise any issue they face in WordPress. We may take a couple of hours to get back to you but we do get back to you! All such mostly asked queries are then provided as blog posts to help the community.

This site is owned and managed by Shewatkar & Co. a proprietary firm. Contact details & other info shall are provided on the Contact page.

Our aim is to help WordPress users build their web presence . Guess the coolest thing about it? We don’t charge a penny for WP support.. So get in touch with us whenever you feel like.

This site or any of it’s members are in no way connected or affiliated to any of the themes or plugins that we suggest you’ll. We believe in being independent and don’t promote any of the themes or plugins on WordPress repository.

How do we suggest you the best plugins / tools / themes?

Our team goes through the code and functionality of the best tools in each class or category. All such performance is tested in real environment and the data so collected is mapped in comparison to alternative tools to arrive at the best tool we refer.

Do we design or build websites for clients?

Yes if our readers needs us to build and maintain their sites on their behalf we get it done for a cost of around INR 1500. All such contributions are generally used to keep this website up and running.

Curious about our team?

Well we started this with just one person writing blogs & it’s people like you who joined the community and posted about so many things that built EasyWP.tech

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