How to change WordPress Login URL

Here’s how to change WordPress login with a plugin. As you’ll know the WordPress default login page is set to /wp-admin and almost everybody knows about it. This can be a potential security threat for your website. We shall guide you how to stay safe from such threats in this article on WordPress login URL change.

Why you should change the WordPress Login URL?

Where do you all keep your valuable belongings? In safe vault, right? Ever thought of securing it?

If you ever did, would you like to inform public where you kept the most secure vault is located? No.


The key to your WordPress is username and password and the location of vault is nothing other than the WordPress login URL.

As you’ll know the default login URL for WordPress is /wp-admin and this fact is known to any random techy guy who can always try to manipulate with your website. Thus you’ll be an easy target for hackers, scammers and fraudsters.

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First step towards securing your WordPress site is to change WordPress login URL.

Threats of using default login URL /wp-admin

Brute force attack

Brute force attacks involve trial and error method. A specialised program designed to carry out such attack tries combinations of passwords to get access to your site. Your username can also be obtained by many methods. (to be discussed some other time)

A Distributed Daniel of Service Attack

Such attacks cannot be stopped just by changing the default login URL. But it definitely makes your site more vulnerable to attacks of every kind! If you want to protect your site from such attacks we recommend you to use Cloudflare’s free plan. Here’s how you can set it up for free!

Wider Public Exposure

A wider public exposure to the back-end login page of your website is certainly not something you’d appreciate. Generally such pages can also be indexed by search engines if you are not cautious about it! Change your WordPress login page to avoid those uninvited guests and traffic.

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Methods to change WordPress Login URL


To change the default login URL of WordPress website you need to manually make changes in the wp-login.php file located within the public_html file in the directory of your website.

You’ll need a FTP access or File Manager access in Cpanel to change wordpress login URL manually.


When you’ll update your WordPress, it will recreate a new wp-login.php file. This means that you need to change the admin login URL each time when you choose manual option.


This method involves using and installing a plugin of your choice that will change the default WordPress login URL of your site.

There are many plugins in directory that will get this done for you.

Here are the plugins we recommend:

WP Hide & Security Enhancer : This plugins not only gets your admin login URL changed but it has many other useful features to further enhance your website’s security.

WPS Hide Login : This is also an awesome plugin that can get your job done. It has 5,00,000+ installations!!!


If you are thinking of manually changing the login URL of your website, make sure you have taken a backup because a wrong configuration in wp-login.php can get you stuck and your website can become inaccessible.


Unless you are a developer or an advanced user don’t edit the wp-login.php file manually. We recommend using a plugin.

How to change WordPress Login URL?


Using a Plugin


Changing the default WordPress login URL is a good practice for optimising your website’s overall security score.When you make such a change you avoid uninvited guests to your login page.

Login URL can be changed with & without a plugin. Manual change in the core files of WordPress may make your site inaccessible.

Additionally, whenever you update the WordPress, it re-configures and rewrites the wp-login.php file to the original state. Thus you’ll need to make changes each time you update.

Thus, it is very convincing and secure to use plugin for making a change in login URL. Our recommended plugins are WPS Hide Login & WP Hide and Security Enhancer. You can download them from given links.

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