Here’s how to login WordPress Admin Section QUICKLY!

Let’s understand the basics of WordPress. Once you have installed your WordPress. You’ll need to know how to login WordPress admin and how to reset a WordPress password.

How to login WordPress admin section

Once you deploy your WordPress to customise and manage your website you’ll need to login to the WordPress admin dashboard. To login simply need to add /wp-admin to your domain.

Say for instance if your domain name is

then your default login URL shall be

how to login wordpress admin

Once you get to the login page all you need is your login ID and Password. Alternatively you can always use your email id in place of username.


Please note that the default URL to login WordPress admin section is located at /wp-admin however this URL can be changed. For better security of your website we recommend you to change the default login URL. Here’s how you can do that.

How to reset a WordPress Password

It’s very simple to reset a WordPress Password. Here’s how

  1. Get to your websites login page. by default

2. Tap on Lost your password

how to reset a wordpress password

3. You’ll now be required to enter your username or email id. Once you fill that out tap on ‘Get new Password”.

4. Now you’ll receive an email with a link to reset your password! Done.

5. Click link set a new password and try to login wordpress admin section.

Troubleshooting & understanding WordPress login errors

If you still have issues logging into your WordPress site try these suggestions:

  1. Clear browsers cookies and cache. Try to login wordpress admin section through incognito mode.
  2. Disable all your plugins : You can disable all plugins without logging in to the WordPress. Just visit the file browser in your cpanel or use FTP and rename the plugins folder to something else.
  3. Disable custom theme and use the default one : You can do this through cpanel’s file manager or FTP Client. Rename the current theme file and upload an extracted default theme in themes folder. Default themes are : twenty seventeen, twenty nineteen etc.
  4. Check URL redirection rules in .htaccess folder in the root directory. If you use CloudFlare CDN then check for page rules or other redirection you’ve set or just pause cloudflare for site and see if things work.
  5. Use https:// secure connection. If you have ever set HSTS to on then you’ll definitely need a working SSL certificate.
  6. TOO MANY LOGIN FAILED ATTEMPTS: Ask your hosting provider for support it may have happened that your hosting provider secured your site from brute force attacks when you tried too many times.

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